Flu Symptoms Clinical Study in Los Angeles
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Flu Symptoms Clinical Study in Los Angeles

Flu symptoms are unmistakable: The chills, sweats, runny nose, fever, sore throat, and more come on quickly, and they are very uncomfortable to deal with. While they can be easily managed with cold medication and rest, many other conditions mimic flu symptoms. When you think you just have the flu, you may have something much more dangerous happening in your body. Keep reading to learn more about the Flu Symptoms Clinical Study in Los Angeles and what to do if you’re currently experiencing flu symptoms.

What is the Flu Symptoms Clinical Study in Los Angeles?

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are experiencing flu symptoms, we want to hear from you. You can get a free medical exam with a diagnosis for your flu symptoms, all at no cost to you and with no medical insurance required.

In this clinical study, conducted by Los Angeles Clinical Trials, you will receive complimentary medical care if you qualify, including promising investigational medication that is currently seeking FDA approval. You can earn up to $3,750 for your time, travel, and participation in the study.

This study is FDA-governed and monitored by a central ethics committee, is HIPAA-compliant, offers complete confidentiality, and secured compensation for all participants. LA Clinical Trials is proud of our experienced and talented medical research team who have played key roles in many Phase IV clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical companies. Medical investigators head our facility with years of clinical research experience involving thousands of satisfied patients.

I Have Flu Symptoms. What Do I Do?

If you’re experiencing flu symptoms in Los Angeles, we want to hear from you. But first, make sure you are taking these precautionary steps:

  1. Stay home. According to the CDC, experts believe that flu viruses spread mainly by tiny droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze, or talk. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby. Less often, a person might get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or possibly their eyes.
  2. Get comfortable. Ensure you stay hydrated through water, electrolyte drinks, and/or soup. Get comfy, and make sure you get plenty of rest. Order in groceries or meals, or lean on a member of your support system to help you.
  3. Reach out to us. Click here to fill out a short form so that we can reach out to you and pre-qualify you for the study over the phone.

Participant Information

Participating in this study is a great way to help your flu symptoms, get free medical care, earn extra cash, and advance medical science. In addition, participants in the study will receive:

  • Complimentary consultation and health exam
  • Complimentary lab reports
  • Complimentary study-related medicines
  • Meets all industry safety guidelines
  • Guaranteed compensation for your time and travel

For more information or to sign up today, visit us at LosAngelesClinicalTrials.com!

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